Breaking News on Twitter

The infographic in the previous post highlights just how important social media is becoming in reporting and disseminating news information. Twitter in particular has come a long way from its beginnings as a niche platform for celebrity musings to become what is today considered a legitimate platform for breaking news stories. 

Andrew Miller, CEO of Guardian News & Media says that twitter is driving more referral traffic for key breaking news stories to The Guardian than other social media platforms.

“Twitter has really helped The Guardian,” he says “Twitter is the fastest way to break news now. So core to what we do and core to what we do on a daily basis.” 

Miller highlights how, for the biggest breaking news story of the year so far, that of NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden, the story “really broke from us and on twitter. It took an hour before the breaking news stations got this,” he says.

According to internal figures, the Snowden story is reported to have set a one-day traffic record for as it attracted almost 7 million unique browsers.

Below is an interview with Andrew Miller for more of his thoughts on Twitter and its role in news reporting:


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