Introduction: News reporting and consumption in the 21st century

The advent of digital technologies, the internet and social media have drastically changed the way that news is reported and consumed today. Indeed, the death of print media has long been discussed amongst observers with the recent cessation of Newsweek Magazine’s Print issues serving as milestone in this long hyped issue. More importantly, the 24 hour news cycle, twitter-sphere and citizen journalism have radically altered the landscape of the news reporting industry. The overwhelming amount of news resources available in modern society and the consequent competition amongst news providers for audience and advertiser attention has led to what what many believe is a decline in journalistic standards. Max Knight, editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer has gone on record as saying that “In the newsroom, we no longer talk about the news, what we are consumed by is business pressure, and the bottom line”.

What are the interests and objectives of media news sources in the 21st century?

What are the thought processes behind the media’s selective highlighting of certain news stories and issues whilst other, perhaps more “important” (debatable) issues get short thrift?

Is the media being fair, responsible and objective in reporting/representing issues?

The increasing partisan-ship of media, is this a good or a bad thing?

This blog will seek to address these issues and more, stay tuned for more breaking news. You stay classy Rethinking Media class of 2013.


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